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We’re focused on making a better Milwaukee County for pedestrians – and you can join us!

Throughout the year, MilWALKee Walks offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, paid opportunities, and resources for residents interested in a safer Milwaukee County. Here are some of the ways we conduct outreach – but we’d love to hear from you if you want to partner.

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MKE Walks Ambassador Program

MKE Walks Walk Culture Ambassadors organize pedestrian safety demonstrations, lead walks in their neighborhoods and their knowledge about nature, history, and future developments. Apply to be an Ambassador here!

Crosswalk Actions

Crosswalk Actions promote pedestrian rights and safety on-location within a neighborhood. MKE Walks collaborates with the community through public demonstrations in order to bring attention to the crosswalk area as a safety zone where cars are required by law to yield and stop, allowing pedestrians to cross the street safely.

Monthly Meetings

MiWALKee Walks offers monthly meetings for any resident interested in supporting pedestrian safety. Together, we build power to change the culture across Milwaukee County. Learn more and register here!

Pedestrian Power Hour Workshops

It’s no easy task for any Milwaukee resident to see real safe street and pedestrian infrastructure like a speed hump or a curb extension. To make real change, a great amount of civic engagement is required, which isn’t easy for everyone to participate fully with life’s barriers. MKE Walks partners with neighborhoods as we co-organize and elevate one another to achieve more life-saving infrastructure and influence a culture of health and safety in our community. 

We and our Ambassadors have created a training curriculum called the Pedestrian Power Hour. Through Ped Power Hour workshops, we provide communities and organizers with the necessary skills to navigate complex City agencies and elected offices to secure safe streets.